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SPECIAL: Rolling Stone Attacks

Rolling Stone Magazine decided to attack Jonathan Cahn along with Evangelical Christians. Jonathan gives his answer.

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Well, it finally happened. This is Jonathan Khan, and this is gonna be different.
In fact, I’m gonna do what I’ve never done before in these videos.
When I was a teenager and had a rock band, I used to occasionally pick up the rock music magazine Rolling Stone.
Rolling Stone is the most prominent pop music magazine in America.
Its own stories on Mick Jagger, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and now they’ve done a story on me. That’s right.
Rolling Stone Magazine decided to do an article about me. Why?
Can’t be because I’m coming out with a new elbow. They can’t be because I’m going on tour.
Notes because Rolling Stone has become increased the anti Christian anti biblical anti god.
The article they wrote is an attack piece. I guess I should feel honored Now there are always attacks.
They come with a territory. And most of the time, I ignore them, but it’s Rolling Stone.
And I believe in this case, it’ll be a good thing to address it But I’m not mad.
I believe that this is gonna reveal a lot of issues and keys that are important for believers to know.
And for everyone who doesn’t go along with the mainstream media or the woke and leftist agenda.
If they can do it to me, they can do it to anybody, even you.
They’re already doing it to you.
I’m talking not about Rolling Stone, but forces at work in our culture in a million different ways.
So this is gonna reveal the strategy of such things against those who hold a biblical, or even traditional worldview.
So though I’m gonna speak to the article, what I’m saying is bigger than the article, bigger than Rolling Stone, it’s about the future.
Let’s begin. First, to set the stage, what is the article about?
Recently, I posted a video called the Israel Hamas end time history, in which I speak about the war of Israel and Hamas and the biblical mysteries behind it.
At one point, I mentioned Jesus as sorrow and compassion with regard to the sufferings of Israel and the Jewish people.
Let me actually show it to you so you can see it for yourself.
What happened in Israel is part also of a two thousand year old prophecy.
Of the Messiah, The Jewish people have been waiting for the Messiah for 2000 years, but what if the Jewish Messiah already came?
And most of them missed it. Then they would become like sheep without their shepherd.
And when the wolves came to the flock, they would be helpless.
When Messiah Yashua, known as Jesus, gazed out at Jerusalem, he wept. And he said, oh, Jerusalem.
Jerusalem. He said, your peace is hidden or in Hebrew, your shalom is hidden from you.
The things that make for your peace, but now it’s hidden from you. He said that 2000 years ago.
And for 2000 years, the Jewish people have been seeking for peace.
No matter what they do, they can’t find it.
And when it looks like they’re about to have peace as they did with the peace talks, then something happens to take it away.
Because this Yashua just happens to be their Messiah. He’s their prince of peace.
And without him, there is no peace.
Only when they turn to him, who is the hope of Israel, will they find their shalom, their peace.
That was it. Basic Bible 101 and in compassion and sympathy for Israel and the Jewish people.
And it constitutes all about 1 minute of a 30 minute piece or 3% with 97% of the video opening up the streets behind what happened in Israel and further in support of Israel and against the evil of Hamas.
To see the actual video in its entirety for yourself just Johnathan Khan, Israel Hamas Mystery.
Now listen to what Rolling Stone Magazine did with that. In an article written by a man called Tim Dickinson.
Here’s the headline. MAGA Messianic Rabbi blames Hamas violence on his in difference to Jesus.
Let me read that to you again.
MAGA, Messianic rabbi blames Hamas violence on Israeli in difference to Jesus.
Tim Dickinson, Rolling Stone, are you for real? Are you serious?
Is this what you attempt to do with those who don’t agree with your worldview as in Christians or conservatives?
The answer is yes. Believers, this, unfortunately, is what they do, and the mainstream media will seek to do to you, talk about fake news.
Now let’s get into the article itself.
The very first word in one name only Jesus Yashua, the Messiah.
As far as America, I preach that America can only be great if it returns to the god who made America great in the first ways.
Without that, America is lost. So why would the first word of the article be Maga?
Because if they can pigeonhole those who don’t agree with them, as in Christians, put a label on them and put them in a box.
They can marginalize them, delegitimize them, counsel them.
What they do is to replace the reality of believers with their own projection of believers, a caricature, a stereotype born of prejudice, their boogeyman.
Because then, they don’t have to deal with the issues.
That’s what they tried to do with me in this article. That’s what they will seek to do with you.
Why else, MAGA? Because they’re obsessed with Donald Trump. They see him as a offensive, inappropriate, Odius.
But, you know, between an offensive man who opposes the murder of babies and the indoctrination and mutilation of children, and an inoffensive man who champions the murder of babies and the indoctrination and mutilation of children Give me the offensive man any day of the week.
And yet, still, our hope is not in any man.
Our hope is only in god and in the name of Jesus Issua. The article continues.
Jonathan Khan, a star on the religious right, says only belief in the prince of peace can protect Israel.
I didn’t know I was a star of the religious right, but as far as the prince of peace, Jesus, yes.
He’s the only hope and goes on. In a new prophetic video, Khan calls the initial Hamas attack demonic.
But Khan insists that the massacre of some 1400 Jews has deep roots stemming from the Israeli’s stubborn refusal to accept Jesus.
Woah. Woah. Stop the press. Khan insists the massacre is stemming from the Israeli’s refusal to Step Jesus.
This is a perfect example of the Joseph Goebel School of Journalism. That’s Hitler’s minister of propaganda.
I simply said that Jesus wept over his people, Israel, and that he said their piece was hidden from them.
Rolling Stone twist that as if I was saying that the massacre stand from was caused by the Israelis that they were to blame.
Now the video we posted clearly and strongly supports Israel and is against though who tried to blame Israel in any way.
It’s as if you see a flock of sheep separated from their shepherd, and the wolves are attacking them and you have compassion on them and say the flock needs their shepherd, let’s help them.
And Rolling Stone twist your compassion for the sheep to post on the web that you were blaming the sheep for the wolves and the violence of the wolves, but it gets worse.
The Rolling Stone article says that I said that it was all, quote, stemming from the Israelis, listen, stubborn refusal to accept Jesus.
Stubborn. I never used the word stubborn or even alluded to any such thing.
So why did Tim Dickens then decide to insert the word stubborn?
It’s because stubborn is used in anti Semitic attacks against the Jewish people as in stubborn Jews.
But that didn’t come from me. That came from Rolling Stones Tim Dickinson. So, Tim, I’m sure you’re watching this.
Why would you insert that word? It’s an anti Semitic illusion, and it didn’t come from me.
It came from you. What does that mean? The article goes on.
Messianic Jews like Khan uphold Jewish traditions, but tout Jesus as their savior. Okay. Stop there.
Tout Jesus as their savior. What does tout mean?
Town means to attempt to sell something typically by pestering people in an aggressive manner.
So now we’re talking about the faith of people who simply believe as much of the world believes that Jesus Yoshua is the Jewish messiah, but it accuses them of selling something.
Amazing because the woke left claims to be the apostle of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion.
If a man says he’s a woman, you have to accept that as his authentic truth.
If a woman says she’s a cat, get her some Purina Katcha.
But when it comes to Christians or the religious faith of Jewish people who accept Jesus as the Jewish messiah, suddenly, tolerance is thrown out the window.
You can denigrate their faith and because they’re Jewish. I don’t know. That sounds racist to me.
What a strangely intolerant tolerance. Who actually are Messianic Jews? Well, people like the Virgin Mary.
Joseph, Matthew, John, Peter, the apostle Paul, all the first believers in Jesus.
They were all messianic Jews, Jews for Jesus, What is more natural than a Jewish person believing in the Jewish messiah?
In fact, Christianity is Jewish, but for everybody. The article goes on.
Far from a lonely internet crank, Khan is the most prominent Messianic Jew in America.
Religion scholar Matthew Taylor tells Rolling Stone. Khan has gained notoriety as an end times profit.
What are they saying? Notoriety means the state of being famous for something bad.
So they’re saying I become famous as an end time prophet for doing something bad or to be an end time prophet is bad.
I don’t know what they mean. It’s a mystery. I’ll work on it. It goes on.
In addition to leading a congregation at his Jerusalem Center, Beth Israel in Wayne, New Jersey, Khan has surprising mainstream cred.
Writing a series of New York Times best selling books.
So saying, aside from leading a congregation called Beth Israel, I have mainstream credibility, and that’s surprising to whom?
To them. Because to them, to have mainstream credibility or New York Times best selling books for a biblical view doesn’t their worldview.
So guys, maybe your worldview is wrong, but it goes on.
His schtick as an author is decoding current events as though they are somehow modeled on biblical stories.
Alright, guys. Now you’ve gone too far. You have crossed the line.
You’re actually using a yiddish word to attack me. What does schtick mean? It means a comic theme or gimmick.
So they’re saying that to speak of current events with regard to the word of god, biblical templates, biblical patterns, and revelation is a comic theme or gimmick.
But if Rolling Stone was around in biblical times, I’m sure they would have written an attack article on the apostle Paul and his stick.
I guess that’s their stick. But, actually, this is not stick. It’s real, and it’s real serious.
For example, In one of my books, the paradigm, it reveals that there’s a mystery behind the leaders and events of the American political realm.
The mystery pinpointed the exact date of 911, even the exact hour.
The ancient mystery I open up in the newest book, the Josiah manifesto pinpoints the exact day that COVID would enter America, the exact number of people killed, and what it all means.
The return of the gods reveals spiritual entities behind what is now transforming our culture and exact fulfillment.
It goes on. Khan first established himself as a cultural force with his best selling 2012 book, The Harbinger.
Okay. So now I become a cultural force, which explains 911 as a warning sign that god removing his hedge of protection from America as a divinely favored nation because of cultural degeneracy.
A far right religious track dressed up as a novel. A far right religious trap, Billy.
What is the harbinger actually about?
It’s the revealing of the 9 harbingers or prophetic sign that appeared in the last days of ancient Israel warning that nation of coming judgment and destruction and that these same 9 harbingers have now appear on American soil, specifically, precisely and exactly.
Some have even involved national leaders invoking the very word of scripture that warned of coming calamity and judgment.
To reveal a mystery that’s manifesting in our days and warning of coming calamity, not to the far right or to the far left, it is simply revealing what is taking place for those who have ears to hear.
The heart surgery goes on, got plugged by the likes of Pat Robertson and Mike Huckabee. That’s true.
And sold more than 2,000,000 copies That’s also true.
His newest title is the Josiah manifesto, the ancient mystery and guide for the end times.
That’s also true, but I’m deeply offended that the article did not say that the Josiah manifesto is available wherever fine books are sold, but I won’t hold it against them.
We’ll go on. And Khan has built an avid audience of more than 800,000 YouTube subscribers.
Despite its condemnable content, Kans Israel Hamas take went viral earning more than 1,000,000 views in less than a week.
Alright, Rolling Stone. I apologize that there are more than 800,000 YouTube subscribers and that the video got more than 1,000,000 views in less than a week.
I repent. The article goes on.
Comcast Hillary Clinton as Jezebel, an infamous worshiper of false idols, and Donald Trump as the avenger Jay Who ultimately had Jezebel thrown out a window to her death.
Alright. Instead of trying to brush off all these things, it might be illuminating for you Rolling Stone to actually check it out.
Jay Hu, the prototype of Trump, was an unlikely man who rose to power, made an alliance for the religious of his land took on a religious conservative as his partner in his race to the throne and then aimed to a showdown with his political opponent who happened to be the nation’s former first lady from which he emerged victorious.
Interesting side note, Hillary Clinton was on the national stage with her husband for 22 years, then on her own in public office for 12 years, then running for president for 2 years.
So 22 years with her husband, 14 years on her own on the public stage, which comes to an end with her showdown with Trump.
The ancient queen Her prototype was on the national stage with her husband, Ahab, for 22 years, and then on her own, for 14 years, which came to an end with her showdown with Jeju.
That’s in the paradigm, and the latest is in the Josiah manifesto. The article goes on.
After a near death experience as a teenager in which his car he said was hit by a train, but he emerged unhurt con devoted his life to Jesus, whom he refers to by the Hebrew name, yeshua.
Well, that is his real name.
Notice they write he said his car was hit by a train as if maybe it wasn’t hit by a train.
But if it wasn’t, please rolling.
So tell me where it is so I can get it back to my father to whom the car belonged.
No. My car, a Ford Pinto, was indeed hit by a train with me inside it and was destroyed.
And, yes, I emerged on her. It goes on.
Khan has become a celebrity in a charismatic Christian movement that fetishizes parts of the Jewish religious experience.
Fetish eyes. What does that mean?
It means to be obsessed with something or to make it the object of sexual desire.
There it is again, another attempt to disparage and marginalize Christians and the very natural connection between faith in Jesus and Jewish context and roots.
Now this may shock Rolling Stone, but Jesus actually was Jewish. Okay. It goes on.
Taylor calls Khan incredibly effective at activating evangelical fascination with Jews and then leveraging that as a form of authority that his interpretation of the Bible must be the right one because he’s a Jewish Christian.
White. Activating fascination leveraging Jewishness. I don’t even know how to leverage a can opener.
I pretty much failed shop class.
I never learned how to leverage And now I’m telling people you need to listen to me because I’m Jewish.
Matthew Taylor. This is the point where I’m strongly tempted to ask What exactly are you smoking?
But I won’t. And out comes their next religion expert.
Brad Onishi, a religion professor at the University of San Francisco and host of the straight American Jesus podcast agrees, it says.
Alright. Stop right there. A religion professor in San Francisco who hosts the what?
The straight white American Jesus podcast red flag alert right there. Let’s do a deep dive.
Who is this religion expert, Brad Onishi?
He wrote a book called preparing for war, the extremist history of white Christian nationalism, and what comes next.
He called the Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson, a dangerous Christian nationalist, and those who are pro life as abortion extremists.
This reveals what this is really all about.
The Bible says in the last days, believers will be persecuted. You wanna see how that’s gonna come?
This is how it comes. You see, those who are behind this article see you who simply believe in the Bible as dangerous.
They label you Christian nationalists or right wing Christian extremists, and say you’re trying to take over America.
They say this while they are actually taking over America. Think about it.
It’s not Christians who are now indoctrinating this generation of American children in the school system, it’s the radical and woke left.
It’s not Christians who are putting their messages into children’s entertainment.
Children’s cartoons, public library story book readings, everything, it’s the Radical woke and woke lent.
It’s not Christians who are banning and canceling non Christian speech on university campuses across America, it’s the radical and woke left.
The ultimate direction of a true Christian is not to the left or to the right. It’s up.
But if the right or the left should support biblical values, good will go along in as much and for as long as it does.
But our ultimate direction is heavenward.
In recent times, the left of American politics has moved increased toward an anti Christian or anti biblical worldview and agenda.
While the right has increasingly moved towards a biblical or Christian view.
Now there are extremists on all sides, and we oppose any form of hatred.
But the problem is now the extremists have become the mainstream left.
And the fact that civilization up to the day before yesterday as right wing extremists only reveals how radical and left wing extremists they have become.
The attack article implies a form of sympathy to Israel, and yet it is the left that is overwhelmingly against Israel.
But Rolling Stone has nothing to say about that.
Or elite universities that are filled with students who voice their support for Hamas right after the slaughter of men, women, and children in Israel, how many articles has Rolling Stone written against that?
I’m guessing, 0. Several chapters of BLM actually came out in full support of Hamas, glorifying the terrorists who murdered and tortured innocent men mothers and children.
Did Rolling Stone come against that? I don’t think so.
Of all the people and demonstrations on the left that cheered the terrorists who ripped babies from their mother’s womb.
Sounds like what we do in abortion clinics did Rolling Stone or any like publication right against it no, apparently, it wasn’t a concern.
And the fact that young adults in America, the majority are now in favor of Hamas, the majority.
That’s not a problem for Rolling’s own.
But to say that Jesus wept for his people, Israel, because their peace was hidden and has been hidden, God forbid.
That’s an outrage. That’s a transgression enough to cause them to pen an entire attack article about it, about me.
The problem to the left and the elite and the woke isn’t those who supported and celebrated the terrorist attacks.
No. That’s not dangerous. The dangerous ones are you.
You who believe that unborn babies shouldn’t be killed, or that children shouldn’t be surgically mutilated or that marriage is actually between a man and a woman, you are the dangerous ones.
That’s dangerous views. They will call you far right religious extremists.
But the truth is what they’re against is any true Bible believing Christian.
Biblical Christianity, those who hold to that, which up to recent times were the standard foundation ethics of American civilization, but they don’t want to admit And so they present you as dangerous radicals.
Christians whose social ethics are basically the same as that of mother Theresa, And that of the Christians who in the 3rd Reich gave their lives to protect Jewish people from the Nazis, these are the dangerous ones, and these are the ones that must be canceled and removed from American and Western culture.
It’s a revelation of what’s really happening in America. We’re becoming Rome.
The last part of the article claims that conservative Christians only support the concept of Israel, but really, they don’t really care about the Jewish people themselves.
Onishi says that I and American Christians really think Jews are not important, and we actually disregard the Jewish people.
Really? Do you see this face? Did you forget the fact that I might be Jewish?
So you’re saying that I’m disregarding myself?
I have never in my life met a born again Christian who told me that the Jewish people were not important.
The fact is Israel’s best friends don’t work for Rolling Stone.
They are the people that Rolling Stone Condemps, born again believers in Jesus period.
Even the leaders of Israel know that.
Personally, we work with and have long worked with many organizations in Israel’s charities, compassion projects in Israel and the Middle East, and we’re doing it right now to help the situation.
How much is Rolling Stone or the people behind the article doing? I doubt much. But it gets worse.
You see, rolling stone is not exactly a friend of Israel, far from it.
This is from the Jewish news service about an article Rolling Stone published recently just before the Hamas attack on Israel on October 7th.
You can read for yourself. It’s called Rolling Stone Gose Pro Terrorist.
The Jewish news service calls Rolling Stone’s Journalism antisemitic agitation posing as journalism.
It says that the Rolling Stone article glamorizes Palestinian terrorist and port Trey’s quote, terrorists as having no alternative, but to take up arms against Israeli civilians.
Terrorists have no alternative, but to take up arms against Israeli civilians.
Well, Rolling Stone I guess the terrorists had no alternative on Saturday morning, October 7th, 2023 when they took up arms against Israeli civilians.
With all due respect, Rolling Stone.
I would say that those who post articles hammerizing terrorism and justifying attacks on innocent Israeli civilians are in no position to speak on behalf of real in any way, shape, or form.
The video I posted could not have been any more pro Israel or any more against the evil of Hamas than it was.
But what you posted is called in the Bible bearing false witness.
Deuteronomy 19 speaks of this, and do you know what The Hebrew word is in that scripture for false witness.
The word is Hamas. Not something you wanna be identified with. Now let’s bring it home.
The Rolling Stone article attacks what I said in the video, but it turns out what I said was simply what Jesus said.
Listen to it yourself. The gospel of Luke says, when Jesus Yashua approached Jerusalem, You saw the city and wept over it and said, if you had only known this day, even you, that which makes for your peace, but now they have been hidden from your eyes.
For the days will come upon you when your enemies will put up barricades against you and surround you and hem you in on every side.
They’ll you to the ground and throw down your children within you.
So Rolling Stone, Tim Dickinson, your religion experts, Matthew Taylor, and Brad onishi.
You’re not attacking my words. What you’re attacking are the words of Jesus.
You’re saying Jesus’s words are the words of hate are bizarre, are ugly, are dangerous, and that Jesus doesn’t care about the Jewish people that he should be condemned.
But it’s just the opposite. The words of Jesus are of deep compassion and love for the Jewish people.
That’s why he went for them.
He cares for them a lot more than you do because he is their shepherd.
The Messiah, by definition, is the one who saves Israel and the world.
So by definition, if Israel or the Jewish people don’t yet have their Messiah, they’re not yet saved, they need to be.
If anyone doesn’t have the Messiah, then they’re not yet saved and need to The name Jesus or his real name, Yashua means salvation or god is salvation.
Without him, there’s no salvation. Don’t be on the wrong side of Salvation. All things pass.
Rolling Stone will in the end roll away and be gone. But you know who’s gonna remain? Jesus Yashua Masiah.
After 2000 years, he’s still here, and he’s not going anywhere. You know why?
Because he’s the rock that doesn’t roll because he’s exactly who he said he was, the Jewish messiah, and the light of the world.
And Justice, the Bible foretold the rebirth of Israel in the world and the controversy and warfare over that nation, and it all came true.
So it also foretells that we will all meet him and stand before him on that day of judgment to Heaven or Al.
And that’s why he came, and his arms are open to all and to each.
Even to you who oppose him and you who opposes people and even you who write ridiculous articles, His arms are open for all who will come to him to be saved.
Because he’s not only the shepherd of Israel, he’s the shepherd of our souls. The shepherd of your soul.
Your shepherd, and he’s calling you back.
People of god, pray for all these, and all those who are against you. They know not what they do.
Pray that they might come to know and be saved. And at the same time, be strong in the lord.
And what you know is the truth. You see, it’s not about any people or magazine.
It’s much bigger than that. Don’t be intimidated by the media or by such attacks.
When the culture tells you to shut up, speak louder, live bolder, go stronger, go all out, let the chips fall where they may.
Because your god is still on the throne and he has no intention of getting off of it.
And it only matters what he thinks and to stand the king of kings when it really matters.
That’s the highest of honors. Alright, everybody.
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Until next time, this is Jonathan Khan, saying be strong in the lord and in the power of his might.
Shallow. Hi.
I’m Jonathan Khan, and I hope you were blessed with the video.
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